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CLINIVIEW™  –  Brukervennlig røntgen programvare
med kraftfulle funksjoner og optimalisert arbeidsflyt

En brukervennlige programvarepakke med kraftige funksjoner for digital opptak og visning, samt for utskrift og lagring av bilder, inkludert et stort antall spesifikke dental bildebehandlingsverktøy

CliniView | KaVo. Dental Excellence. 

  • Masterful and clearly laid out displaying of image data
  • All image data in one software
  • SQL database for highest security
  • Perfect integration in the dental surgery

CliniView is a user-friendly software package with powerful functions for digital recording and viewing as well as for the printing and saving of images, including a  a large number of specific dental image processing tools

CliniView Software supports the recording of images with all KaVo products  (KaVo 3D eXam is interconnected by means of VisionConnect and VisionQ).

Furthermore, images can be scanned or imported from numerous additional digital sources.


Ultra-modern image processing algorithms

The ultra-modern algorithms for the processing of images from the CliniView software automatically optimise the grey scale areas and guarantee excellent image quality for all modalities without the need for additional settings. Furthermore, the algorithms can be selected individually for each image type subject to the preferences of the user.


Simple image transmission

After an image has been recorded, it can be be transmitted to the location where it is required – to other work stations, image archives, to a printer or per email. The system can also be interconnected with other software, for example applications for surgery management or cephalometric analysis software.


The CliniView™ DICOM version provides the following DICOM services: work list (SCU), memory (SCU), printing (SCU), query/retrieval (SCU). Including. DICOMDIR (exchangeable data carrier) and DICOM-Import/Export.


SQL database

The SQL database enables simultaneous access to the image data on several stations in the network. Access to patient data (e.g. name, address, phone number, email, date of birth, sex, etc.) and image data is accomplished by means of one single «port», meaning that the configuration of data release and Windows user rights is omitted.

Filter and image processing

CliniView offers a wide range of specific tools for the optimisation of dental imaging, e.g. brightness, contrast, magnification, contour enhancement, defined area (ROI), noise suppression, sharpening, grey scale reversal, measurement of length and angles and dot contrast improvement.

Connection of imaging devices

All KaVo devices can easily be connected with Cliniview. Both intraoral video and radiographs and panoramic and Ceph radiographs as well as 3D volume images are administered in the patient file by CliniView. With intraoral sensors, CliniView offers the simple and rapid recording of a series of intraoral images with ready-made or user-defined templates.

Network support and DICOM compatibility

CliniView is inherently designed for network operation. In the optional DICOM version, it is connected to professional radiological PACS systems and is therefore also ideally suitable for hospitals and major clinics.
Print and image export
Decisive reports and documents can be filled with contents and adapted to individual requirements by means of drag and drop. Image data can be exported and transmitted in PNG (16 Bit), BMP, JPG and Tiff formats and viewed with every image viewing programme.

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