KaVo E80 Vision unit, hengende slanger eller Cart model


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E80 Leveres kun med hengende instrumentslanger, men er KaVos mest påkostede unit noensinne.

Her finner du finesser ingen andre modeller har og uniten leveres med  hengende instrumenter eller som Cart.
Les hva KaVo selv sier og last ned brosjyren du finner nederst på siden.

Your wish: Maintain the best.
Our answer: Perfecting the wheel!

Innovative KaVo swing-chair up to 180kgs patient weight and 5-star-light:

  • Ergonomic swing-chair-concept for considerable legroom (AGR-Award)
  • 5-star light KaVoLUX 540 LED included
  • Patient positioning according to Trendelenburg
  • Optimal highest/lowest position
  • New adjusted arm rests
  • ESTETICA E80 Vision: additional horizontal tracking and seat elevation
  • Leveres med det nye RELAX stoltrekket

The art of intelligent work – the KaVo ESTETICA E80

ESTETICA E80 Produkter|Behandlingsenheter|Den-nya-ESTETICA-E80 Estetica-E80-senior - KaVo DentalFrom the outset the task was clear: how can KaVo offer dentists a treatment centre, that makes optimised performance a daily standard for each patient? The answer: use components that contain intelligent, cutting-edge technologies and  enable reliable treatment,  through their proven quality and precision.

Individuality is the basis of personality – the KaVo ESTETICA E80

Produkter|Behandlingsenheter|Den-nya-ESTETICA-E80 Estetica-E80-Frau - KaVo DentalEvery person has their own personality, style and method. When selecting your treatment centre, you should insist that it is, like you – very individual.  the best approach is to be your own yardstick. Individuality cannot be standardised, but the KaVo ESTETICA E80 can be tailored to each and every dentist’s specific needs. Thus, the entire treatment centre reflects the dentist and the dentist’s personality.


Efficiency that pays off –the KaVo ESTETICA E80

ESTETICA E80 Produkter|Behandlingsenheter|Den-nya-ESTETICA-E80 Estetica-E80-mann - KaVo DentalPatients are better informed today than ever and you have a decisive, competitive advantage, if you can satisfy their demands. You should also not loose sight of cost-efficiency. By comparing performance data with the price, we can see how economical a treatment centre is.
Additional considerations enter the equation: dentists experience economy directly, when routine assistant’s tasks are rendered unnecessary and all your time is directed toward an optimised workflow.

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