IRIS LED Operasjonslampe med HD video. For takmontering

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LED Operasjonslampe med HD video kamera integrert i lampehodet for demonstrasjon og dokumentasjon

At Gcomm we believe that quality of work is strictly correlated to the possibility of perceiving the smallest details in the area of operations. Out of this belief comes Iris View, a dental light with a built in Full HD videocamera (1920x1080px) with autofocus, that allows to view the area of treatment with a 30x optical zoom.

Iris View permits to view a detailed image of the operating area, highlighting the details which are difficult to see with naked eye, amplifying the visual capabilities of the professional and relieving eyestrain, leading to important progress in work methods.

The use of the videocamera improves communications both with the patient and specialized personnel. In the diagnosis phase diseases can be clearly shown on the monitor, making comprehension of the problem simple and immediate. During the operating phase specialised personnel can follow the evolution of the operation in real time and at the end the results of the work done can be assessed.



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