Dentalfarm Zirkon-Surfin 300K

Rimelig turbin med vanntåke.

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Luftturbin med vanntåke, kraftig, stillegående og pålitelig, designet for tanntekniske arbeider på Keramer og porselen.  300.000 omdr/min. Styreenheten inneholder luftbehandlingsenheten (filter, trykkregulator og manometer), styring og beholder for kjølevannet, start og stopp på pedalen.



Powerful, quite and reliable air high speed turbine which has been studied for accurate modelling and finishing operations on æsthetic works in ceramics, lithium disilicate or zirconia.
The 4-5 BAR powered rotor attains the speed of 300.000 rpm.
Cooling of both the tool and the machined surface is assured by a steady flow of air and can be extended thanks to the water mister obtained through the atomised water contained in the internal tank.
The control unit incorporates the air treatment set (consisting of filter, pressure reducer and pressure gauge), the tank for the cooling water, the pneumatic connections (input pipe-fitting and connection fittings to the foot-control, the flow adjustment valves and the support for the handpiece in idle mode).
The high performance handpiece has a lightweight, ergonomic design and compact size.
The chuck pliers accomodate burs with shaft Ø1.6mm which can be easily inserted and locked in place without using any specific tools.


Air pressure: 4-5 BAR
Consumption: 40-50 l/min
Water tank: 170ml
Size of handpiece: Ø22 x 142mm
Handpiece weight: 105g
Bur shaft: Ø1.6mm
Size of control unit: mm 230x170x210H
Total weight: 4,1 kg