Coltene CanalPro Jeni

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Digital assistance system for canal preparation

Autonomous «navigation» in the endo canal owing to revolutionary software

  • Completely new drive concept with autonomous assistance system (patent pending), which makes canal preparation much safer, more efficient and amazingly simple.
  • Digital assistance system, which uses complex algorithms to control the file movement at millisecond intervals. The rotary motion and speed are continuously controlled based on current intensity and torque.
  • CanalPro Jeni is named after its developer Prof. Dr. Eugenio Pedullà and automatically adapts to the individual root canal anatomy, working in unison with the mechanical and chemical preparation every step of the way.
  • Owing to the smart control of the CanalPro Jeni motor, the up and down movements (pecking) which are necessary with conventional preparation systems are no longer necessary. The user simply moves the root canal file steadily from coronal to apical while applying slight pressure.

Integrated apex locator and acoustic signals for even more safety in mechanical and chemical preparation

  • Acoustic signal, which indicates when and how often irrigation is required and gives the best possible warning of fatigue breakage of the file*.
  • Integrated Apex Locator for accurate, real-time length measurement.

* Owing to the complexity involved, it is not possible to completely eliminate file breakage.

Comfortable application with full flexibility

  • NiTi file systems (HyFlex CM, HyFlex EDM, MicroMega One Curve, MicroMega 2Shape) specially pre-programmed for use in Jeni mode.
  • Doctor’s Choice function* for individual programming and storage of up to eight additional files.

    *without Jeni mode

Innovative technology for your successful endodontic treatment

  • Future-proof thanks to updates that can be loaded at any time via microSD card.
  • High-contrast 7″ Panorama colour touch display in clear landscape format
  • The wireless Bluetooth foot switch is automatically connected to the control unit.