Tissi dental. Airbox GS inkl. 4 filter (M)

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Airbox GS Professional Dust Aspirator with 4 filters


Portable suction unit for the extraction of dust, residues and abrasives. It can be used in conjunction with micro-sandblasting systems, as well as any other equipment and safety cabinets and virtually with any lab bench. Its (optional) Airstock or Airbase all-purpose air in-taket turns any table into a working bench. Professional and extremely noiseless, it has an adjustable suction force and it is equipped with 4 filters made of BIA-compliant microfabric. AIRBOX GS has passed the quality test and its dust-abatement rate is up to 99,9% (SGS Ecologia tests). Professional lab dust extraction unit • for sandblaster, bench, trimmer • 4 Airbag Filters FREE • reliable and solid construction • power regulator 400-1000 W • ready for all sandblasters • ready for most popular benches • special BIA tissue filters SGS with Certificate 99,9% Dust ExhaustionFlexible Hose 2mt with internal diameter 32mm • Noise at 1 mt. min-max 62-69 • Dimensions: 33x25x38 cm • weight: 12 kg